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Crews Hill Residents Association Committee


Monday, 18 February 2019





Dear Neighbours,

Re: Burning in Crews Hill:

We have always had to put up with some illegal burning in Crews Hill, but since October last year the severity of this has escalated to a level that is unacceptable and harmful to the health of all who are living in the area.

Since the horrendous burning over Christmas we have been able to galvanise the Environment Agency (EA) and Pollution Control Enfield Council (EC) into action.

On January 10th Simon French (EA), our Ward Councillor Vicki Pite and pollution control officer (EC) Joynul Islam visited a number of sites in the area and on that visit found evidence of a fire that had recently burnt illegally, noxious materials. 

The owner was met with and the legal position made known. Since then the burning has continued.

Burning enforcement is split as follows:

Commercial burning generally comes under the EA and Residential burning comes under EC but there is a lot of overlap, so please contact both if reporting burning.

For burning to be a nuisance it has to be smelt in residential premises.

Bonfires and burning garden waste are not deemed illegal unless the smoke is so noxious it is penetrating into buildings.

There are no legally registered commercial waste sites with a licence for burning waste in Crews Hill but the scale of materials coming into Crews Hill and being burnt is designated a Commercial Operation (illegally). So we have successfully brought the EA in to help EC fight this.

The only way that the EA and EC can successfully prosecute the culprits is to witness the fire as it occurs.

The pollution control department and officer Mr Islam are determined to get to the bottom of this and prosecute the perpetrators.

They are willing to come out at all times of day and even night to investigate a fire when on duty.


We need to help the EC & EA officers fighting this to locate the sites:

* There are a number of ways to report burning but following a discussion with Mr Islam on Friday, 15th February we are advised that the most effective way to enable officers to locate and visit the site whilst the crime is being committed, is to use the web link attached overleaf.

* In order to find the site the burning needs to be reported as it is happening, the following day is too late. Include if possible the wind direction, BBC weather for EN2 will give this, but not retrospectively. Then the officers can map where the complaints are and wind direction at the time, to narrow down in which sector of Crews Hill the burning is likely to be coming from.

Reporting Burning:

Mr Islam has asked that we use the council web site as soon as we smell burning in our homes, he has given me the link attached below:

* The category you are reporting on is a commercial odour complaint

* In the address section put in your address, the officers need to pinpoint the addresses where the odour is strong, this narrows down the likely site.

* You probably won’t have an address for the field/location where the burning is taking place, just use your address. 

* Only report what you are experiencing not what your neighbours are telling you, accuracy is critical to locate the site.

* The web complaints are constantly monitored and including your location and wind direction will enable the officers to do an effective site visit.

* They will come out during the night so don’t wait until the following day, it is too late then. Generally the burning takes place at night when the smoke can’t be seen to locate the site and the offices are closed.

Last week the complaints on the EC web site following the overnight burning were at an all time high and from as far afield as Hadley Wood and Enfield Lock.

The team can triangulate the location from the complainants’ addresses and wind direction. Therefore the more people complain on the link above, the more likely they are to find the culprits whilst the fire is burning. This is essential for prosecution.

The residents committee and our ward councillor are very aware of what is happening and are doing everything they can to assist the teams fighting this.

I hope you will be able to help fight this pollution by reporting it when you smell it. Use the web site above so we can make our lovely green belt location and our homes free of dangerous air pollution and odour.

Useful Contacts:

Pollution Control & Planning Enforcement Enfield Council:

For Friday/Saturday nights between 9pm-2am, call the Out of Hours (OoH) service on 020 8379 1000, (option 4 for ‘noise’), instead of reporting online (which OoH officers won’t have access to whilst on patrol), priority is noise but they will attend burning issues too.

Environment Agency:

* Complaints line 0800 807 060

* I ring and register burning on this line every time, as well as the Enfield web site.

The Environment Agency and Enfield Council are asking that you contact both these departments when reporting burning.

A G, Theobalds. 

(on behalf of the Crews Hill Residents Association Committee)




Addresses of all the burning sites to come…

Your health is very important, get these people named and shamed!

Toxins can be blown in through your windows onto surfaces then into you lungs…