November 6th2020

After being told that the W10 bus route would be renumbered as the 456 and have an extended route to the North Middlesex Hospital, Enfield Council has just issued an update. The changes are now expected to start “sometime in February 2021”, and not on November 9th this year as we had previously been told. There will be public consultations (check the council website) on the locations of fixed bus stops on those parts of the route, including Crews Hill, where it is currently Hail-and-Ride. A public consultation is also to be held regarding the proposed right turn from Carterhatch Lane into Willow Road, although the gap permitting this has already been made in the central island. The turn will be for buses and cycles only. The new service will now run 7am-7pm half-hourly Monday-Saturday, and hourly on Sundays. The change was originally scheduled to happen on October 17th this year.



Over the past few weeks there have been a number of cases of parked vehicles being broken into in Crews Hill. At the latest count seven cars and vans had been burgled, with two stolen. Lock your vehicles at night. Krook-Locks which connect the steering wheel to foot pedals are a good anti-theft device. If you have one of the coded remote keys linked to the vehicle on-board computer you can buy special security pouches to put them in which prevent anyone hacking into the fob and getting the unlocking and engine starting codes. Don’t leave any items on show on the car seats, or any valuables anywhere in the vehicle. Tradesmen should remove their tools from their van at night. Don’t become another statistic.


St Johns Church Clay Hill Enfield



From the Vicar of St John’s & St Luke’s Church the Rev Peter Godden

Dear friends,

I hope that you and your loved ones are doing okay in this deeply challenging time, amidst the ever-shifting restrictions upon our lives.

Our life at St John’s & St Luke’s continues apace; our principal Sunday services have been back in our church buildings for over two months now, to which various morning and evening services throughout the week have also been added.

We are also pushing ahead with other parts of our life.  This includes remedial work on the interior ceiling to the chancel (the ‘far end’) of St John’s.  This work started on 29thSeptember 29th, and will last for around six weeks.  We’re very lucky to have not one but two church buildings in our parish, and so whilst the works are being undertaken, all of our services will be in St Luke’s.

For more details on all that we are continuing to do both in church and online, please go to our website, or visit our Facebookand Twitterpages.

You all remain very much in my prayers, and as always,

Every blessing,


020 8363 6055



Crews Hill Residents Association

AGM 2019

was held at Crews Hill Golf Club

Thursday 6th June 2019

the next AGM date will be posted here



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New Enfield Local Plan 2036 Have your Say

Enfield Council has put its draft New Enfield Local Plan 2036 on its website as part of its public consultation process. The plan will come into force in 2021 and will be the planning framework policies and sites in the borough to guide decisions on future development, investment and infrastructure.

It is important that as many Crews Hill residents as possible inform the council of their views on the plan and contribute, where possible, alternative ideas. It is very important that we do have our say, because the council says a strategic plan-led approach to the Green Belt will be a major part of the NLP.

The council is carrying out a total review of all of the borough’s land resources and the uses to which they are and could be put. Brownfield (previously developed) sites will be a major focus, and all garden centre and other commercial sites in Crews Hill are termed “brownfield sites”.


The NLP aims to meet the target of building 2,400 homes a year, a lot more than are currently being built. They must be built somewhere in the borough, so please try to influence the council in its decision-making.

You can read the whole plan and submit your views by visiting the website www.enfield.gov.uk/plan3

Unlawful use of Land

There are currently a number of issues in Crews Hill regarding unlawful use of Land. the Enforcement Team are issuing notices, but it is a slow process. Many of us know what and where they are, but probably not a good idea to publish.


Notices regarding burning of waste and plastics

This practice has been going on for years and can contain noxious particulates causing asthma attacks, weeping eyes, difficulty breathing. Prolonged exposure is bad news for everyone – please report it to Environmental Health at Enfield Council through their website. And please let the Committee know by informing us.

Thank you.





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