and the NEW Draft


Now that the draft plan is up for public consultation on the council website people who read it are interpreting it in many different ways. Much is being made of the council’s proposal to virtually abolish the Green Belt and build houses and industrial space all over it.

Among rumours doing the rounds is one that Crews Hill Golf Course has been sold. We are assured that this is definitely not true. The course is owned by the council, which let it out on a very long lease to the Crews Hill Golf Club, which owns only the club house.

It is important that all residents of Crews Hill read the draft Local Plan and submit their own views and opinions on the contents of it. Closing date for responses is September 13th, and Crews Hill Residents Association is firmly opposing the proposal to abolish the Green Belt and build on all of the green fields from the A10 road all the way west to Barnet.

This is the link to the council website where you can view the consultation documents:


possible development crews hill

REPLY TO Enfield Residents

request for support by the
Mayor of London’s office.


JUNE 17 2021

Today the Mayor of London’s office have kindly sent a response to Enfield’s residents that have asked for his support in protecting our precious green belt. Below are the contents of the email which we have received:

The Mayor strongly supports the continued protection of London’s Green Belt. Through his London Plan 2021 the Mayor recognises the importance of the capital’s Green Belt which makes up 22 per cent of London’s land area. The Green Belt performs multiple beneficial functions for London, such as combating the urban heat island effect, growing food, and providing space for recreation. Protection of the Green Belt drives the re-use and intensification of London’s previously developed brownfield land to ensure London makes efficient use of its land and infrastructure, and that inner urban areas benefit from regeneration and investment.

The draft Enfield Local Plan, which will soon be out for public consultation, will set out the parameters for future development proposals in the area for the next 15 years. Consultation and engagement with the Local community is an essential part of the preparation of Enfield’s Local Plan, so it is important that you make your views known to the council when presented with that opportunity in the coming weeks.

The Mayor expects Enfield’s Local Plan to align with the policies in the London Plan, and all planning applications to comply with the London Plan, in terms of the continued protection of the London’s Green Belt.

Hassan Ahmed
Senior Strategic Planner, London Plan and Growth Strategies Team
City Hall, The Queen’s Walk, London SE1 2AA

If you are concerned at Enfield Council’s proposals of building on the green belt, please email the Mayor of London ( so that he is fully aware of the extent of Enfield residents’ opposition to this.



AGM 2021


will be held at

Crews Hill Golf Club

Thursday 9th September 2021

19:30 onwards


It has been decided to hold the Annual Meeting of the Crews Hill Residents Association on Thursday, September 9th, at Crews Hill Golf Club. It will start at 7.30pm with complementary drinks and snacks, with the meeting starting at 8pm. The date was chosen so that the last of the Covid restrictions will have been lifted by then. There is free parking at the Golf Club. Our MP and ward councillors have been invited.

All residents are invited to attend.

The association’s free Newsletter will be delivered to every household in early June.


crews hill golf club balcony





In the Crews Hill area

There are currently a number of issues in Crews Hill regarding unlawful use of Land. the Enforcement Team are issuing notices, but it’s a slow process.


Burning of waste and plastics

This practice has been going on for years and can contain noxious particulates causing asthma attacks, weeping eyes, difficulty breathing. Prolonged exposure is bad news for everyone – please report it to Environmental Health at Enfield Council through their website.

And please let the Committee know by informing us.

Thank you.







Any questions please address the Chairman through the following address…